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Ginger Reynolds

My story started when my 13 year old daughter, Tayler, passed away in 2009. She was my “mini me” – my life – the very reason I woke up each day. Not God. Not my husband, or my son, but Tayler.

After 4 months of limping, 4 doctors, numerous tests to figure out what was wrong, she was diagnosed with Leukemia. But after just 3 weeks and 4 chemo treatments, she was in complete remission. Yet four days later she passed away from sepsis! Through the devastation, I thought I would die. I didn’t want to live – I was numb beyond belief. I was so angry with God (who I believed in, but never knew Him) and angry with the doctors for neglecting her. I begged, I negotiated with God to “take me” and let her live. Why? She was only 13 and had the most precious, beautiful soul, loving life and her family and friends. She was all about life. Why?

As the months went by I started to go to a Bible study at our church. I had to find out why Tayler Reynolds had to die? Surely it was in the Bible somewhere? Through the study, I started to learn God’s Word and began to see who He was and who He wants us to be. I started to fall in love with Christ and felt my soul being fed the food that was keeping me alive. I felt God’s presence around me, through the signs and wonders He sent to me. Immediately after Tayler’s passing, about 8 of her girlfriends began calling me to tell me that Tayler had been visiting them in their dreams. I started to write them down in a journal for they brought me such comfort and I didn’t want to ever forget. Tayler has come to all of her friends, my husband and four of my adult friends. As of a year ago, the little stinker still hadn’t visited me in a dream, though I prayed that God would allow her to for 7 years. When she came to my girlfriend around Mother’s Day one year, my friend asked Tayler in the dream “why haven’t you come to your mom in a dream?” Tayler’s response was, “it would be too hard!” When my friend told me that I cried, but understood.

Because of my incredible journey seeking God, finding God and loving God more than ever now, God nudged me to publish a book called God Kisses. The book has the dreams, visions, and signs from God that assured me that He and heaven are real and that my daughter is alive and well! I want people to know this, because there is a purpose for this thing called “life.” This life is not about us. This life is about becoming the person God created us to be. To love God and love your neighbor. To be the hands and feet of Christ, to shine His presence into all of the darkness in the world.

Out of Tayler’s death, my husband and I built an amazing fountain with Jesus on top and gave it to our church in memory of our precious daughter Tayler. We were asked after it was dedicated, “What do you want to do with the coins thrown into the fountain?” We never thought about that but, decided through our church to set up a ministry called “Tayler’s Water Wells for Africa.” We now go to Ghana, Africa and drill water wells! To date we have drilled 32 wells which serve over 50,000 people! My daughter is saving lives! Hallelujah! What a beautiful God we have to provide to us the means to build this amazing fountain and open the doors to complete this mission!

God has opened so many doors for my husband and myself to help others. We now lead a “Compassionate Friends” chapter in Southlake, TX which is a worldwide grief group for parents who have lost a child. Giving back and helping others through this very difficult journey is our passion and our purpose. I have been given the opportunity to speak to women’s groups and Bible studies about my journey. I have found God through the tears and suffering. I will never ever forsake Him again. He is my life now, He is my priority and it is so exciting to see what He has next for me. I love my life, I have pure joy again because of God. Through knowing and trusting in His promises of eternal life, being with Him in heaven with all of my loved ones, I can “Walk through the valley of death” knowing He is carrying me the entire way.

Philippians 4:13, “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.”

All proceeds from Ginger’s book, God Kisses, go to Tayler’s Water Wells in Africa.
Amanda Buccola
[email protected]
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