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Our team has been sharing on the topic of spiritual rhythms over the past few weeks. These are the practices that have provided accountability, comfort, growth, and deeper intimacy with God in our lives. Some of the topics are commanded in Scripture, while others are simply tools.

Journaling is not a biblical command, it’s just a tool! But it’s one that has brought so much depth to my personal walk with The Lord. Since there are so many different ways to journal, I won’t go into the HOW as much as the WHY. No matter what your journaling looks like, these benefits will come from writing as part of your time with the Lord.

Accountability ⎮ Having a record of your time in the Word will give you evidence of your commitment. If you skip a day, your journal will tell you! It’s just a concrete way to track your time with God.

Response ⎮ The Bible is the primary way God speaks to us. So think of it as a two-way conversation! He speaks to you as you read, you respond with a note back to Him.

Application ⎮ History repeats itself, and God never changes. When you read of failures and successes in the Bible, you can usually assume a similar cause-and-effect will happen in your own life. Writing principles for living as we discover them in the Bible can result in practical wisdom for every situation we will face.

Themes Whether you’re writing one verse that stuck out to you each day, or your thoughts and prayers, a theme will usually emerge. You can flip back through past weeks and find that God has been highlighting specific attributes of His character, or a topic that relates to your current circumstances.

Remembrance ⎮ It’s been proven that people remember more of what they read when they take notes. When you remember what you’ve learned, you can relate it to others more effectively! Our time with the Lord can become something we regularly talk about with friends if we can actually remember what we’re reading.

Answered Prayers ⎮ When you’ve written down prayers, you can track the answers! Going back to prayers that have been answered reassures you that God is with you in your quiet place. He hears, He sees, and He acts on our behalf. Journaling provides the evidence of our faith.

Legacy I had the privilege of inheriting one of my grandpa’s old Bibles after He passed away. It’s like sitting down with him to study the Bible together when I see what he underlined and read his notes on every page. I get to see what stuck out to him, and I find that my heart is drawn to similar themes and topics. When we leave written evidence of our journey with the Lord, we’re giving future generations a piece of our faith to hold onto.

If you are already on the journaling train, what does your journal look like? Comment with your HOW to encourage our readers who are convinced as to WHY!

Amanda Buccola


Amanda Buccola
[email protected]
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