Ebenezer Collective | Team
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Hi! I’m Amanda Buccola. My husband, Nick, and I have been married for about 9 years. We have sweet little Graham (5), and silly little sis, Millie (3). Our family can often be found having dance parties, nerf gun fights, and outdoor adventures. God set me free from perfectionism, approval-seeking, and control through a 12-step recovery program, and now I get to put that newfound grace into practice as I serve women in that same ministry. I also love praising God here at Ebenezer Collective!

Hi guys! I’m Amy Merritt, my husband Chuck and I have been married a little over 11 years. We both came to know the Lord about six and a half years ago, and have a distinct line of before Christ and after Christ. Our friends can attest to what a huge turnaround that was for us! We have two tenderhearted little people, 8-year-old Ava Belle and 5-year-old Wyatt, “Mr.Buddy,” who is a small giant. I work as a family nurse practitioner and part of my job is being involved in our church’s partnership with a medical clinic that provides care to the underserved. I get to treat people’s physical, emotional, and spiritual needs, while loving on them and sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ. My passion is for ladies that have been through trauma, specifically sexual abuse. I am honored to be able to walk alongside women as they experience healing and a deeper intimacy with the Lord.

EleanorHi! My name is Eleanor Boynton. My husband Peter and I have been married for 8 years, and we are grateful for the hard times in our marriage that have drawn us closer to each other and to our God! We have 2 kids, Walker (4) and Mary Lou (1). They are a constant reminder to us of God’s power to overcome anything and the unconditional love He has for His children! Besides hanging out with my babies, during the week you can find me making stationery for my Etsy shop, Little Oh Louise – my much-needed creative outlet. I deeply desire to use my love for authenticity and vulnerability to encourage other women with the hope that the Lord has given me through the struggles in my own life.

JenniHi friends! My name is Jenni Norsworthy. I have been married to my husband Harry for 7 years and we have one adorable 2-year-old daughter named Abby who I get to stay home with. After teaching first grade for 7 years, I’m enjoying the (somewhat) more relaxed pace of life, but still get my “teaching fix” in our church’s mid-week kids’ ministry, as well as in leading tables of women through a class on practicing and applying spiritual disciplines. Over the past 4 years, God has ignited a passion in me for the Hebrew roots of our faith – the language, the culture, and the people. I’m constantly blown away by how precise and intricate His Word is, and how He is such a faithful, promise-keeping God! He is a personal, knowable God, and I love talking to others about how He is teaching them and guiding them through various stages of life!


Hi! I’m Lauren Scurry. I’ve been married to my husband and best friend, Tom, for over a decade now. We have 4-year-old fraternal twin girls, Maggie and Eleanor. I work as a pediatric speech pathologist getting to help kids and their families navigate through the unknowns of developmental challenges, and give them the tools to face life head-on! I feel most happy when I am creating beauty and connecting with others. Most recently, this has taken the form of providing a place for women and men to be vulnerable and share their stories of God’s grace through EbCo. I believe vulnerability facilitates communion with God and others, strengthening and connecting the body of Christ.