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Welcome To Ebenezer Collective

Welcome to EbCo! We are so excited to have a place to share our stories with you, and cannot WAIT to hear what God is doing in your life too!

As you can imagine, this website has an Ebenezer story of its own. Everything I had been reading, listening to, and studying seemed to be pointing me to write down what powerful work God has done in my life. The importance of remembering what God has done, and the benefits of writing it down, was a theme for weeks. I finally gave in and decided to make the time to write some stories after I read 1 Samuel 7, and was struck by the story of the Ebenezer stone (you can read a summary here). I emailed some friends and asked that they’d hold me accountable to quit procrastinating, and to take this step of obedience that felt pretty insignificant. As soon as I sent that email, I heard “why just your story?” That question would NOT leave my brain until I let it out, so I told a friend. I told her of this burden I had all of the sudden to create a place for anyone and everyone to share their stories of God’s grace.

I had a series of playdates that week, and this Ebenezer idea was a topic of conversation at each one. It was amazing to hear how this idea that God had given me tied in with convictions and desires in these friends’ hearts as well. By the end of each of these playdates, there was an even greater energy and passion for the idea. I started working on the website, and writing down some of the Ebenezer seasons in my life that I wanted to remember. By week two, I was thinking through the different social media platforms and the logistics of how everything would work, and I was overwhelmed. I told God I would put a pin in this idea and come back to it once both kids went off to Kindergarten. I had just recently decided I needed more rest in my life, and this felt like the opposite of rest. It felt too big for right now, and I wanted to quit before I had even started. Thankfully, I’ve spent the past year in a 12-step recovery program for my struggles with perfectionism, control, and approval-seeking. I just happened (ahem) to be on Step 10, Continue. That’s where we learn to go through the 12 steps on a small scale in everyday life. I realized through a quick inventory that these thoughts of doubt were coming from a fear of failure. My recovery issues were rearing their ugly heads. I thought I could control this idea that was clearly from God, and tweak it to fit into my own timeline. I thought I could handle the workload more perfectly if I had more time to myself. But those excuses were just fancy ways of telling God “no.” I was telling Him that I didn’t trust Him or His timing. So I confessed those thoughts of doubt and resistance to my husband and friends, and I told the enemy he wasn’t going to win this one.

I planned a brainstorm with the friends who had expressed an interest in the website, and five of us met to put rubber to the road. We shared our strengths, passions, resources, cookies, and ideas. By the end of that meeting, the workload seemed so much more doable! Each of us fell naturally into different roles on the team, which emphasized the fact that this was all God’s idea from the beginning. The willingness of these ladies to give their time, energy, and skills to this effort is so humbling. They have little kids to raise, jobs to fulfill, husbands to love, churches to serve, and dinners to make. But they are all filled with a passion to love God, and to share how GOOD He is to those who follow Him. He doesn’t promise an easy life to His followers, but He does promise to work all things out for our good. (Romans 8:28)

You can get to know our team here, and by reading the first 5 Ebenezer stories on the blog. We plan to post Ebenezer Stories on Mondays and Fridays, and our team will post encouragement from our time in the Word on Wednesdays.

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with the current stories! We’d love to see your everyday Ebenezers on social media too, you can post those on our Facebook page, and use the hashtag #thisismyebenezer on Instagram.

We realize that some stories require anonymity, so we’re happy to share your story without including your name or photo. Our desire is to bring to light the powerful work of God in the details of real life situations. Many times, He does that through really difficult circumstances! We are convinced that vulnerability is one of the most powerful ways to communicate. When we realize that we’re all just struggling alongside each other, we have hope, we gain courage, and we can overcome difficulties by the power of our great God!

Amanda Buccola and the EbCo team

Amanda Buccola
[email protected]
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